Education and Training

Education and Training

Liberia, like most underdeveloped countries, must encourage, promote and provide its youths the educational training needed to become productive and useful citizens. Not only the youths but also adult education must be of high priority. Therefore, our goal is to assist in providing adequate educational materials and supplies to produce a well-educated citizenry.

To meet our goal for this program, UNIBOA solicits donations of textbooks (used or new) which cover all areas of curriculum for elementary, high school and college. We also accept donations of pens, pencils, chalks, notebooks, stationaries, personal computers (used or new), duplicating machines, and other school laboratory equipments.

UNIBOA Scholarship Assistance Program (UNISCAP)

it is the determination of The United Bassa Organizations in Americas (UNIBOA) is to help alleviate the specter of ignorance in our homeland, and strengthen the will of our people to succeed and have a place at the table. We are pleased to report that eight students are enrolled in the UNISCAP program at the University level—Five are at the University of Liberia and three are at the United Methodist University since 2013 Academic Year to present.  Each student was awarded $150.00 per semester. The program at the University level will be increased to twenty students by the 2015 Academic Year.

We are also pleased to report that we currently have ten students enrolled at the Bassa Community College, in Grand Bassa County. The cost per student for the Bassa Community College is $114.00.  We are poise to increase the number of scholarships to twenty students at the Bassa Community College. The ultimate and overarching goal of UNIBOA focuses on providing the platform by which the disadvantaged Liberian children can pursue happiness by developing their mind. We must continue to help provide the Liberian children a place at the table of hope and opportunity, a place where dreams and aspirations becomes reality through education.  All things being equal, education can help bridged the disparity gap in our society.   We can play our part in reducing the specter of ignorance in the homeland. Let us continue to make a difference and support the UNIBOA Scholarship Program.

Health and Medicine

Liberia, prior to the civil war, had few private and public hospitals and clinics. One of the major public hospitals is the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. This hospital serves as a feeder, providing training for young Liberians in several medical disciplines ranging from nurses to doctors. These medical personnel in turn are sent into the counties to provide and assist in the caring for the Liberian citizenry. Although the counties’ hospitals are few and not fully equipped and sub-standard, they provide basic medical and health needs for the people. Today, they are malfunctioning with few medical staff, few beds, out-dated medical and surgical equipments and lack of efficient records keeping. UNIBOA encourages you to help improve the devastating conditions in Liberia. Please help with donation of any of these items:





-Maternity supplies

-Surgical supplies

-Laboratory equipments & supplies

-First Aid kits

-Dentistry materials

-Wheel chairs



Healthcare and Medicine

UNIBOA Health First Clean Water Initiative: 

Our people living in most towns and villages are affected by lack of access to clean and safe drinking water, a situation which is a high risk for acquiring diseases leading to fatalities.  The UNIBOA HEALTH FIRST CLEAN WATER INITIATIVE has made a difference in the lives our people in Doe Wein Town, Electoral District #5, Grand Bassa County. We are poised base on the need of our brothers and sisters to provide their condition with safe and clean water in the Bassa Counties.  Today, we are pleased to report that the Hand Pump Initiative in Doe Whein Town, Grand Bassa County was completed in October 2013 and is fully in use.   Before the construction of the Hand Pump, the villagers were drinking from unsafe streams.

Our clean and safe water initiative has brought significant relief to the people.  Because of hard working members, UNIBOA has made a difference in lives of the people of Doe Whein Town. Below is the picture of the Hand Pump surrounded by a crossed section of the people of Doe Whein Town.

Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development

Many schools, hospital, etc., were destroyed or abandoned during the 14 years of civil war. The repairs of existing structures are of vital necessity. Additionally, building of needed community facilities such as schools, hospitals, clinics, water purification, chlorination of existing drinking wells and digging of new wells, local libraries, lavatories must be embarked upon.