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Trokon Ishmael Johnson

National President

Our National president is from the PA Chapter. He serve the chapter in a number of different capacities including chapter president.

email:[email protected]


Mr. Eujay Peterson

National Vice President

Mr. Emmanuel Railey

National Secretary General

Ms. Farue Kuyateh

National Financial Secretary

Mr. Ben Douglas Solo

National Treasurer

Mrs. Edwina Z. Turner

National Queen

Mr. Stephen Barron Zeogar

President- Minnesota Chapter

Mrs. Martha George Toe

President-Michigan Chapter

Michigan Chapter was founded over 20 years ago and has been an integral part of the union. We hope to continue encouraging our younger members, like our predecessors did us. The current membership of the chapter is growing steadily under the leadership of our current President, Mrs. Martha Toe. As a chapter we believe in the collective effort of each and every member working together as a team, we can do great things for our people in the diaspora and home.  

Ms. Catherine Potter

President-Maryland Chapter

Mr. Garber Browne

President- Kentucky Chapter

Mr. Stephen S. Gbablo

President-Pennsylvania Chapter

The UNIBOA PA chapter was founded July 18, 1998 by few people from the four predominant Bassa countries who live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The team was headed by Mr. Toman Gboyah who later assumed the role as the first president of the chapter. The chapter  is duly registered with the state of Pennsylvania. Currently, the chapter has a membership base  of 150 persons and meet every third Sunday of each month for it general meeting. The chapter is engaged in other humanitarian work such as providing scholarships for more than 40 students in various high schools mainly in Rivercess, Montserrado, Margibi and  Grand Bassa  counties with most the students in Buchanan Grand Bassa. The chapter was able to identified with some of its older folks and others in the community by giving out handouts during this time of pandemic. Over $10,000 worth of assorted medical equipment was shipped to Liberia intended for hospitals and clinics and will be distributed free of charge. Also, the chapter is currently working on establishing a computer lab in Buchanan Grand Bassa county intended to help students across the county. The chapter source of income is dues from its members and donations from both members and supporters. The chapter is seeking assistance from other organizations and both private and public entities. 

Mr. Isaac Gbehan

President-New York Chapter

Ms. Theresa Jacobs

President-North Jersey, Newark

Mrs. Abba Taylor

President-North Carolina Chapter

NC Chapter is a great and progressive member of UNIBOA; we are dedicated to working together with honesty and integrity to build and empower our chapter and ultimately strengthen our union… UNIBOA

Mr. Emmanuel Smith

Chairman of the Board

Mardia Payne-Phillips

President- South Jersey Chapter

My name is Mardia Payne-Phillips. I am the current president of the South Jersey Chapter. My administration took over from Mr. Ben Sulo on October 13th 2019. Recruitment of new members and keeping the organization afloat during this pandemic has been the main focus of my administration. We look forward to resuming in person meeting soon as the center for disease Control Guidelines instruct us to.

Mr. Jerry Teih

Acting President, Iowa Chapter

The Iowa chapter was founded in the month of May 2009. Meaningful founders of this noble organization are as follow: Mrs. Norah Innis, Mr. Philip Sayonkon, Mr. Mellet Jaywah, Mr. Jones Alvin Gbanat, Mr. and Mrs. James Tarr and many more.

Since 2009, the following individuals have served as Acting Presidents. Namely, Mr. Jones Alvin Gbanat, Ms. Constant Page, Mr. James Garswah, Mr. Emmanuel Railey, and Mr. Jerry Teih.

The Chapter joined the Union in 2016 at the Pennsylvania Convention.

The chapter present Acting president is Mr. Jerry Teih. He is working presently to lead the chapter to election as soon as possible.

Tel:515-718-0279/ 610-803-9793

Email:[email protected]/ [email protected]

Mr. Toye Barnard

National Youth Coordinator

Mr. Luthur Vah William, Jr

President- Colorado Chapter

Mr. Gledegbem Garguah

President- Atlanta Georgia Chapter

Mrs. Magdalene Harris

President- Washington D.C Chapter

Mrs. Sunniwaye Kelly

President- Rhode Island Chapter

Mrs. Jeanny Gebeoh

President- Texas Chapter

MR. Ernest Simmons


Mr. Samuel Smith