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Hello UNIBOA Family we want to ask that all of our chapters kindly get in touch with our Communication and Technology team to start arranging your radio programs and other broadcast program. Feel free to email us at support@uniboa.org or get in touch with the Secretary-General he shall take care of you. But welcome all of our chapters. It’s time to go live. Long live the Bassa people

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Buchanan –  The United Bassa Organizations in the Americas ( UNIBOA) has made available Six thousand, Nine hundred United States dollars ($ 6,900 USD)  for the improvement of the  Liberian Government Hospital.  The President of UNIBOA Abraham Williams joined the Home Affairs Committee on Saturday, May 13, to turn over the money provided by UNIBOA. “ Today, I am grateful as the President of UNIBOA to present to the Liberian Government Hospital in Buchanan the sum of $ 6,900 USD as a fund meant to uplift the hospital.  President Williams mentioned, “ UNIBOA has done a lot of things ranging from scholarships, contributions to the Health sector, and several others but we have come to continue what we started because we have heard the constraints the hospital is faced with”.   Williams encouraged the hospital to work with UNIBOA Home Affairs Committee to implement a project that will be named after UNIBOA. In response, Madam Tannie Nmah, Nurses Directress of the Hospital appreciated UNIBOA for the donation, adding that she’s aware of the many contributions UNIBOA has made over the years.  Fatuma Jusu, the Administrator of the Hospital just couldn’t hold back his happiness after the check was presented to the Hospital.  “ I am so excited to see receive this great donation, I want to appreciate UNIBOA for donating to us”.  He furthered “ We will use it for the purpose intended”.  The Home Affairs Committee Co-Chair Elton Wroinbee Tiah and the Bassa Coordinator Emmanuel Wrogboe will monitor the process to ensure that the Hospital implements a project that will be named after UNIBOA. UNIBOA is 501(c) Non-For-Profit Organization based in the US, and it is the amalgamation of the 4 Bassa-Speaking Counties in Liberia, comprising Montserrado, Margibi, Grand Bassa, and River Cess Counties respectively, which also represented across the 50 states of the US.  It was established in the 1970s to advocate and mobilize resources for the livelihoods of underprivileged and less fortunate members of the Bassa tribe. Since its inception, UNIBOA has catered to and continues to provide for the educational, health, and material needs of both non-Bassa Citizens and Citizens of Bassa descent.

By: Elton Wroinbee Tiah

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UNIBOA President: “My Administration Will Focus On Two Primary Areas”

The newly inducted President of the United Bassa Organizations in the Americas, Abraham Williams, has said that his administration will focus its attention on two primary agendas: domestic and international matters…..Read Details

From The Desk Of the National President - Louisville, Ky - March 7, 2022

Press Release

The National Leadership of UNIBOA under the leadership of President Abraham Williams is deeply heart broken about the fire outbreak at the only government referral hospital in Grand Bassa County.
The fire outbreak which took place at about 9:45pm on Thursday, March 3, 2022 has halted normal medical operations at the hospital.
It can be recalled that the county only government referred hospital was hard hit by fire dister in 2018
In his inaugural Address at the 15th Inaugural Program, of the newly elected officials of the United Bassa Organization in the Americas, UNIBOA, the newly elected, President Mr. Abraham Williams noted “It is a sad day for the people of Grand Bassa and the Nation at large. From this backdrop, I’m calling on all well meaning Liberian and friends of Liberia to rally support and prayers for  the people of Grand Bassa County”.  Meanwhile the cause of the fire outbreak has not been established.
As result of the fire disaster, the National Leadership has set up a Go Fund Me to raise needed fund to help rebuild and safe the hospital and the Administration is calling all members of UNIBOA to support this effort. 
See below the link to the Go Fund Me Page. We all were give something at some point in our lives went we were in difficult circumstances. Now, let’s reach out, show empathy, and give back to our needy brothers and sisters. This is a cause greater than ourselves.  May God continue to bless you and your families and bless the works of our hands.



Let me first give thanks to God for your safe arrival back to your respective Chapters, families, and Homes.

On behalf of the National, I would like to thank my UNIBOA family and friends of UNIBOA for showing up and making the inaugural ceremony a great success. It was very kind of you to take time off your very busy schedule to come from such a long distance to grace this occasion. Thanks to our keynote speaker, our installing officers, government officials, heads of National Organizations, members of the Clergy, heads of local Chapters, and all former past Presidents for making the inauguration event more successful. A special big thanks to the inaugural committee and the host Chapter for a job well done. Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart

Respectfully Your President

Abraham Williams


Fire At Grand Bassa County Biggest Hospital

We're raising urgently needed funds to rebuild damages done to the hospital. Please contact our leadership


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Congratulations’ to the Newly elected officers of UNIBOA’s Kentucky Chapter. we wish them the best as they steer the affairs of that Chapter for the next two years.

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